Sunday, 4 March 2012

Competition Winner!!

Congratulations to Ivor from Mitcham, south London, who was the winner of my competition to celebrate the hardback launch of I Could Be, You Could Be. The challenge was to tell me what you could be - fun or real, silly or sensible. There were some fantastic entries from Year 2 children at Granton Primary School in Streatham.

Rachel & Alina suggested: I could be a mum saying "off to bed", You could be a child saying "where's my ted?"

Ava & Ridwan said: I could be a wolf going howl howl howl, You could be a cat saying miaow miaow miaow.

Rachel & Yasmin came up with: I could be a monster saying rarrrr rarrrr rarrr, You could a child screaming AHHHHHHHHH!

But my favourite was Ivor's: I could be a footballer bouncing up and down, You could be a popstar arriving in town!

Thank you for all of the entries. And good luck to five-year-old Sasha from Western Primary School, Harrogate - her dream is to be a dancer.

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