Sunday, 4 March 2012

Competition Winner!!

Congratulations to Ivor from Mitcham, south London, who was the winner of my competition to celebrate the hardback launch of I Could Be, You Could Be. The challenge was to tell me what you could be - fun or real, silly or sensible. There were some fantastic entries from Year 2 children at Granton Primary School in Streatham.

Rachel & Alina suggested: I could be a mum saying "off to bed", You could be a child saying "where's my ted?"

Ava & Ridwan said: I could be a wolf going howl howl howl, You could be a cat saying miaow miaow miaow.

Rachel & Yasmin came up with: I could be a monster saying rarrrr rarrrr rarrr, You could a child screaming AHHHHHHHHH!

But my favourite was Ivor's: I could be a footballer bouncing up and down, You could be a popstar arriving in town!

Thank you for all of the entries. And good luck to five-year-old Sasha from Western Primary School, Harrogate - her dream is to be a dancer.

Dulwich Book Festival

Songs and stories, role play and mask making - all in a morning's work at the Dulwich Books Festival in south London. I was there with I Could Be, You Could Be as part of a day-long appearance by various writers from CWISL.

Lola and Milo could be... chimps and clowns

The morning was for the little ones and the afternoon was for readers and writers aged 9 and above. If you're a budding reader and writer, take a look at our new online creative magazine. Visit